Petchsrivichai Enterprise Public Company Limited

A leader in palm oil industry for biodiesel manufacturing in the energy sector

Holding shares in other companies (Holding Company), currently investing in the integrated palm oil industry business group which is ready to manage the supply chain system

We can accommodate a diverse range of customer needs, including the production and distribution of palm oil, both biodiesel and edible vegetable oil, the sale of crude palm oil and related products both domestically and internationally, warehouse storage services, and port services, as well as the transportation of goods by both truck and ship. The diversity and interconnectedness of our business operations have made our company a longstanding leader in the palm oil industry, with more than 40 years of experience.

Our Businesses

Palm oil production and distribution business group, which includes buying and selling palm oil and other products from palm
Produces and sells biodiesel, crude palm oil, refined palm oil, palm olein for consumption, other by-products, as well as the production and sale of electricity.
Operated by
New Biodiesel Co.,Ltd. (“NBD”)
Including the purchase and sale of crude palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm kernels, and other palm products to customers in Thailand and for export abroad.
Operated by
Paco Trading Co.,Ltd. (“PACO”)
Warehouse And Wharf Business Group
Offering palm oil storage facilities, general warehousing, cargo stacking yards, and port cargo handling services.
Operated by
PK Marine Trading Co.,Ltd (“PKM”)
Cargo transport service business group
Providing land transportation services for both liquid and dry goods domestically.
Operated by
Petchsrivichai Co.,Ltd (“PC”)
Ship transport service business group
Including maritime transport services for goods both within Thailand and internationally.
Operated by
PC Marine (1992) Co.,Ltd. (“PCM”)

Operational Highlights 2022

Unit: Million Baht

Income Structure by Business Segment 2021 2022
Sales Revenue 27,725.04 32,353.44
Revenue from palm oil production and distribution business NBD / PACO 27,696.25 32,306.42
Revenue from electricity sales NBD 28.79 47.02
Service Revenue 316.10 303.00
Revenue from warehouse and port business PKM 113.60 132.86
Revenue from land transportation business PC 134.59 107.48
Revenue from maritime transportation business PCM 67.91 62.66
Total revenue from sales and services 28,041.14 32,656.44