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A leader in palm oil industry for biodiesel manufacturing in the energy sector.

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As of 31 December 2022

Petchsrivichai Enterprise Public Company Limited (“the company” or “PCE”) operates as a holding company, currently investing in a comprehensive palm oil industry group with an efficient supply chain management system. This encompasses the entire production process of palm oil products, from upstream to downstream, including the purchasing of palm oil and related products for resale to both domestic and international customers, as well as offering various services related to the production and distribution of palm oil. The company focuses on expanding its business sustainably and environmentally friendly. The company's products and services can be categorized as follows:

Palm oil production and distribution business group, which includes buying and selling palm oil and other products from palm
The production and distribution of biodiesel, crude palm oil, refined palm oil, palm olein for consumption, and by-products, as well as the production and sale of electricity (operated by NBD). It involves buying and selling crude palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm kernels, and other palm products to customers in Thailand and for export (operated by PACO).
Warehouse And Wharf Business Group
Offers warehousing services for palm oil, general goods storage, cargo stacking yards, and wharf services for cargo handling.
Cargo transport service business group
Provides land transportation services for both liquid and dry goods domestically.
Ship transport service business group
Offers maritime transportation services for both liquid and dry goods, serving both domestic and international routes.

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